Meet Magento Poland 2016 Review

The fifth in a row of Meet Magento Poland events took place in the beautiful city of Poznan with attendees from so many countries all over the world. Magento Experts, merchants, staff and exceptional organization were perfect mix for another awesome event.

On the first day, we had Business and Technology track splitted, so everyone could find something useful. As it became a practice in the past events, Ben Marks was the first speaker with traditional talk about the future of Magento.

According to his words, we can expect increased adoption of Magento 2 in the future. Also, one of the predictions is that Magento will become more “cloudy”. He announced the first EMEA shop launched on Magento Enterprise Cloud platform by RedBox Digital.

Finally, we grabbed a chance to meet Sherrie in person, and we talked about our upcoming Magento 2 Essential Training course.

One of the most interesting ideas presented was MageButton, and anyone interested in the topic could check how it worked. It’s not yet in production phase, but proof of concept is there, so stay tuned.

Vinai Kopp as always, spread good energy with his talk about writing testable code for Magento. Also, he held workshop about some advanced features of PHPStorm. For both, the main slogan was “Don’t use PHPStorm / write tests just because it’s good practice, do it for fun also”.

In Progressive Web Applications talk by Bartek Igielski there were many interesting ideas about providing content to the Customer, even when you’re offline. More info about that concept can be found here.

Nils Preuß in his talk “Using Solr for More Than Simple Site Search” provided information how Solr can be applied on whole catalog, including product listing, layered navigation, product detail page and search functionality. The main reason why his team has written it from scratch is because Magento EE comes with adapter for pretty old Solr (up to version 3.6.2), which may become tricky to install / configure on newer linux versions.

Through series of security related talks in few recent Magento events, Talesh explains how making effort on efficient security logging can increase possibility of early identification of suspicious activities. Also, WAF (Web Application Firewall) can be considered as part of server stack in order to identify and block hack probes.

Milan Stojanov held presentation about porting Magento 1.x extension to Magento 2.x, which gave us insights about challenges and obstacles which can came up during migration process.

Within “Challenges of Architecting Magento 2.0 Customizations”, Ivan Chepurnyi tackled the way how Magento customizations are done in most cases, like using class inheritance or plugins for changing behaviour, which is improper way. Instead of that, we should use dependency injection and substitution.

One of the most awaited presentations was the one by Anton Kril who showed Magento 2 directions in terms of architectural changes. Everyone enjoyed explanation why ordinary MVC is not good, and why we should implement it using CQRS pattern (more info at Martin Fowler blog). At the end, we saw that Magento 2 will continue to use CQRS on framework level, continue working on microservice-ready approach, as well as discouraging use of inheritance and moving session management to the browsers.

Andreas von Studnitz in his talk “Magento Worst Practice” gave some recommendations based on his experience and what he have seen as improper implementation of security measures. It was a little bit scary to see how some shops treats our confidental data.One of the last sessions was AMA by Ben Marks and Jason Woosley, which is always exciting to see and hear. There was discussion about extension validation for marketplace, not-so-loved ionCube usage for encrypting source code and Magento 2 certification which is not ready yet, but Magento is working on it.

There was really plenty of good talks by Max Bucknell, Marcin SzterlingMiguel BalpardaDamian Luszczymak and others, but unfortunately we couldn’t cover them all.

Thanks to Kuba Zwoliński and Marta Molińska for this opportunity to meet Magento Community. See you next year in Krakow!

Links to the presentations and materials from Meet Magento Poland 2016 that we could gather so far. If you want to add any new link to presentation, feel free to reach us via any medium.


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